Goose Down

One of the oldest natural materials in the world, goose down is now favored as a premium filling for keeping the body warm throughout the winter. As the down cluster from a goose is about 1.5 times larger than that from a duck, its down cluster is more developed, thus boasting more excellent fill power (FP), thermal insulation, and lightness. NAM VU sources quality raw materials of desired fill power and Down Content from goose down sources networks that stretch across renowned countries of origin including Hungary, Russia’s Siberia and Poland


Duck Down

As a matter of fact, Vietnam consumed about 70 million ducks per year, which brings a plentiful raw materials. Utilizing this resource, carefully selecting the best materials, Nam Vu produces the high quality duck down from Vietnamese ducks.



Duck Feathers

We can supply washed or unwashed duck feathers with the optional length from 2cm to 8cm, color Pure White, White or Grey. Suitable for bedding and furnitures.