A Healthy Sleep with Down and Feather Bedding

Down and feather bedding products such as pillows and comforters have many distinct advantages over other types of bedding.

Natural Warmth — Down is nature’s best insulator and offers the sleep inducing benefits of warmth without weight.

Body Contours — Down and feather bedding conforms to the body more naturally than many synthetic fibers or foam pillows or comforters. This quality has led to the increase in non-traditional pillow shapes for specific types of sleepers—such as those who sleep best with a large pillow they can “hug”, or the pillows designed for expectant mothers. In a more traditional bed pillow, the neck and shoulder muscles are less trained as the head is naturally cradled in the down and feather pillow.

Breathable — Down and feather is a natural material that wicks moisture away and allows it to quickly evaporate rather than trapping moisture. Do you wake up in the night and have to throw off a blanket because of feeling overheated? With a down and feather pillow and comforter this will quickly become a thing of the past.

Hypoallergenic — Naturally breathable, down and feather bedding is the hypoallergenic choice for allergy sufferers. In down and feather bedding moisture does not get trapped in the fibers, which will not only keep you dry at night but will also keep dust mites from thriving. Additionally, the fabrics that encase the down and feathers are tightly woven–possessing a high thread count–in order to keep any feathers from escaping. This tightly woven fabric also serves as a barrier to dust mites.

The best choice for a comfortable and natural night’s sleep is down and feather.